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Mesotherapy / Microneedling
Fasial Rejuvenation


Radiant, glowing, youthful skin – smoothing of superficial wrinkles. As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients as a result of sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet and poor circulation. Mesotherapy/Microneedling technique is used to treat and slow the process of ageing. This treatment results in a dynamic skin with improved tenacity, elasticity and appearance resulting in a clear, attractive complexion.

   Mesotherapy / Microneedling is the unique combination of art and science  It is a medical specialty using painless micro-injections of vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies and pharmaceuticals in specific formulations. Mesotherapy/Microneedling can be applied to a multitude of different conditions, both medical and cosmetic.

When Do I See Results?
Most patients see results immediately after their first treatment.

Is Mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation permanent?
We continue to age. If you like the results, you will most likely continue with a few sessions per year.

Why Do I need more than one treatment?
Mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation is usually performed in an initial series of 4– 6 treatments spaced 4 – 5 weeks apart. The effects of the treatment are cumulative. Your body will slowly develop collagen and elastin over time.

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