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                     Live Cell Analysis Can Shows
  • The condition of red blood cells
  • Free radical damage to the blood cell and the need for antioxidants
  • Detoxification requirements, including the duration of detox time or the type of detox program required.
  • Acid/alkaline balance in the body
  • The tendency to develop atherosclerotic plaque and hyper-clotting disorders
  • Bacteria, parasites, Candida /yeast /fungi (indirect measurement)
  • Undigested proteins and fats
  • Evidence of hormonal imbalances
  • Folic acid, B12 and iron deficiencies
  • Uric acid crystals and risk for gout
  • Poor circulation, oxygenation levels

Live blood analysis is the assessment of an individual’s current state of health status by viewing a drop of blood under a microscope.  During this session, areas of weakness and toxicity are identified and appropriate suggestions are made to improve the overall state of health.  Seeing the condition of your blood with your own eyes is a strong motivator to make better life choices.  The life forms seen in the blood give us a “snap-shot” in time, telling us exactly what is going on inside the blood.

What is involved in this procedure?  During the procedure, a health history is obtained from the client and reviewed.  Following the initial interview, a single drop of blood is taken from a finger and placed on a microscope slide for viewing.  The blood is then projected onto a screen to it can be seen by the client as well.  We both view the blood, and discuss different cell shapes and extra cellular formations and their meanings.  This is an interactive procedure, and a plan is developed based on the blood’s appearance and individual goals/expectations/abilities to improve the look of the blood.  Once the blood improves, the whole health improves.

How often should blood be analyzed?  Usually clients will have an initial visit, and then follow recommendations for at least 6-8 weeks before following up.  Once health is stabilized, the analysis need only be done minimally once a year , ideally 2-4 times a year to ensure health is being maintained.


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