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PCAskin Certified Licensed Healthcare Professional, offers highly effective PCAskin professional treatments to achieve the most successful and implicit results. 

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Aligning your peel expectations with realityWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, chemical peels don’t have to result in a tomato-red and highly irritated face. If done properly, your peel should leave you with a healthy glow. In order to feel comfortable going into your peel and maximize your results afterwards, it’s important to know what to expect during your treatment.Every chemical peel is customized to each person’s unique skin. It’s impossible to standardize chemical peels, as the layers of the peel and the products used should vary person-to-person. So, when it comes to peels, expect the unexpected until you get to your clinician’s office. Your clinician will determine your peel treatment based on a couple of factors: your skin concerns, your skin type and what results you want to see. It’s important to discuss your goals with your clinician before the treatment, so they can determine which direction to take your peel. This way, you are sure to leave with your happiest skin possible.Your PCA SKIN clinician has been specifically trained to determine your skin’s needs and how many layers of your peel solution are safe and effective. They should be able to provide you with clear expectations of what to expect after your specific treatment. Complications are rare with superficial chemical peels, but caring for your skin properly in the days following treatment further minimizes the chances of any negative effects.It is possible to achieve beautiful results almost immediately after a chemical peel. Locate a PCA SKIN Certified Professional near you to discuss your goals and find out exactly what goodness your skin can gain through personalized treatment.

                     you don’t need to peel with a peel
When you treat a patient with a chemical peel, and they come back to you and say, “your treatment didn’t work, because I didn’t peel….”  how do you explain this?  When patients hear the word “peel” they have many different thoughts as to what the actual outcome will be, and it is the clinician’s responsibility to explain treatment outcomes and why they may vary. Patient expectations must be discussed during the initial consultation.Courtesy of demeterclarc.com.Visible exfoliation does not determine the efficacy of the treatment.  For example, if there is a lot of visible exfoliation after the first treatment, and less for the second, this does not mean the first treatment worked better than the second.  The function of the ingredients used in the treatments is the same from treatment to treatment – kojic acid will suppress hyperpigmentation; vitamin C will function as an antioxidant, suppress hyperpigmentation and increase epidermal thickening – regardless of the amount of visible flaking.  There are also other factors involved:1.  Many times the same patient won’t have the same experience with each treatment. The amount of visible exfoliation can depend on the current state of the skin combined with atmospheric conditions; for example, humidity may cause flakes to adhere to the skin more so than in dry climates.2.  Someone who has been treated with peels monthly for the past ten years may not have as much visible exfoliation as someone who has never or rarely gets treatments, as these patients will have more build-up.3.  Some patients are so impacted that it can take two or three peels to really loosen those cells and allow them to shed.  Typically, these patients will see little or no peeling initially, and then get a very good sloughing after several treatments.4.  We shed microscopically, continuously, throughout the month, rather than in one big slough every 28 days.  The accurate way of explaining this would be that in some circumstances our natural  desquamation process is interrupted because of an impaired barrier function and our stratum corneum does not shed off appropriately, even though our cells are turning over beneath the surface.  In this circumstance, using one of our peels may induce more flaking than if we were desquamating correctly.5.  Healthy skin has less visible exfoliation.PCA SKIN peels deliver excellent, visible results whether or not actual visible peeling occurs. Frequently, exfoliation is at a cellular level and not apparent to the naked eye; however, our peels will create a tighter and firmer complexion and appearance. PCA SKIN professional treatments are formulated to preserve, promote and protect healthy skin, regardless of whether the patient sees visible exfoliation following treatment. In today’s busy society this progressive, rather than aggressive, approach is advantageous, as patients will experience minimal downtime yet still have outstanding results.

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Dermaroller therapy is one of the most successful minimal invasive treatment concepts providing an improvement of the skin texture, particularly to every type of scars.
The method of micro-needling is established for several years as a gentle and safe method for skin tightening, improving skin texture and scar therapy. It has found his way by the term collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen therapy (PCI) into the medical literature.
The collagen induction therapy has proven to be a quasi side-effect free form of treatment to improve skin structure.


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