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What is Nail Fungus?
A nail fungus is a very common occurrence and can appear on both toenails and fingernails.  It is caused by a fungus (a living organism) that thrives in environments that are dark and damp, such as under and around toenails.  Toes are the most likely affected area, as they are often in a dark and damp environment in your shoes and socks.  In such cases the affected nails can have a yellowish or brownish discoloration, may thicken or become brittle over time, and/or have crumbling edges and in some cases fall off.

Who does Nail Fungus Affect?
Anyone can get nail fungus, but some people are more susceptible than others.  Those affected can contract the disease with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.  Factors that contribute to the condition include:
  • Shared use of infected implements or environments
  • Unsanitary nail bars
  • Abnormal pH levels of the skin
  • Trauma to the nail
  • Poor hygiene of the foot or feet
  • Susceptibility (i.e. decreased immunity) of the person who has contact with the fungus

Where does Nail Fungus come from? 
Nail fungus and other fungi such as athlete’s foot like to grow in warm moist areas, which include, but aren't limited to, unsanitary pedicure salons, swimming pools (especially public pools), locker rooms and showers. The fungi can live in warm puddles on tile floors and inside foot baths such as whirlpools, waiting for someone to step in and pick up the fungi spores.

How is Nail Fungus prevented?
To avoid getting a toenail fungus or possibly another form of fungus on the foot you should try to follow a few simple things:

  • Avoid going to cheap and unsanitary nail salons;
  • wear natural cotton socks
  • If you have a nail fungus, dry your feet with a separate towel and only use it once to avoid spreading,
    (it is advised  to wash towels and socks in an anti-fungal solution to avoid re-contamination after its gone)
  • Do not share towels, socks or shoes.
  • Use paper towel or toilet paper to dry affected areas
  • Wear breathable shoes
  • Do not use nail polish until the fungus is gone use tea tree oil instead.
  • File nail very thin so that a local treatment can be applied to the area effectively.


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