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More than two decades ago,PCAskin developed dermatologist-approved solutions to dramatically enhance the skin's health and appearance.Whether you are trying to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture of your skin,even out skin discolouration, reduce redness or clear acne blemishes, PCA SKIN has a treatment that is right for you.

I am a certify PCAskin professional, i start using PCA SKIN product almost 2 years go, absolutely LOVE IT. Appearance of my skin change dramatically, it's looks healthier, texture of the skin improve, sun damage spots and scars disappear, and cleared out acne blemishes.
Fine lines and wrinkles become smooth, my skin looks and feels tight and rejuvenate.

The Dermaroller therapy is one of the most successful minimal invasive treatment concepts providing an improvement of the skin texture, particularly to every type of scars.
The method of micro-needling is established for several years as a gentle and safe method for skin tightening, improving skin texture and scar therapy. It has found his way by the term collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen therapy (PCI) into the medical literature.
The collagen induction therapy has proven to be a quasi side-effect free form of treatment to improve skin structure.

Dermaroller was invented by the founder of the company Horst Liebl and was patented in 2000. Dermaroller GmbH is a makes and markets medicines and health care consumer products, specialized in the manufacturing of micro needles. The manufacturing process of our micro needles is in full compliance with the rules and legislation of the medical products and the European Standards 93/42. Our company has been approved and certified, for the manufacturing and sale of all our products according to ISO-134845 and CE Standards (European Conformity).
 We are offering you a Medical High-Tech at the highest level
Made in Germany

Medical Needling is a minimal invasive treatment concept which provides an improvement of the skin texture. It is an excellent way to treat scars, acne scars and stretch marks. The Dermaroller is a medical roller with a roller head sized ranging from 10mm to 20mm. The roller head is generally equipped with sterilized needles whose sizes ranges from 0,2mm to 2,5mm. The medical treatment should be solely administered by trained doctors and their clinical staff. The rollers are designed for a single use. It’s important to mention that these medical devices can only be supplied to doctors and medical practices.
Because facial skin has an average thickness of 1,5mm, needles length not greater than 1,5mm are not recommended (except when burn scars are treated). Medical needling with needles length of 0,2mm or more is painful, that is why the skin area to be treated must be locally anesthetized before to reduce discomfort. Local anesthesia is usually achieved by applying anesthetic creams into the skin (e.g. DOLOCUPIN).
The thickness of skin changes according to the origins, we recommend needles length of 0,2mm to 1,5mm for a facial use.
It is suitable for the following skin problems:
-  Atrophic scars, acne scars, striae
2 to 3 treatments at 8-10 weeks interval are required and recommended to achieve optimum results.
DermaStamp is specifically designed to treat small and single scars. Therefore, scars treatment should normally be resolved in few minutes.
Collagen Induction

Skin cell rejuvenation


Injectable Wrinkle Treatment

Restore your youth with

 Botox, Juvederm, and Teosyal




Non-invasive procedures for tissue tightening and elevation are new frontiers in dermasurgery. Current methods for achieving a "nonsurgical face-lift" include radiofrequency and infrared light devices which disrupt non-covalent collagen bonds and stimulate collagen production. This study evaluated a novel treatment protocol designed to achieve a nonsurgical face-lift with electrical stimulation of muscle.
5 treatments - $ 399


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